Friday, November 03, 2006

A busy week ... ...

It's a busy week. I'm just swarmed with works. Lots of deadlines are coming. Though I'm really maxed out at my work at some point, I enjoy the thingies that I m working on. The projects are getting more and more interesting to me. Awesome!
Yesterday was a long day for us too. The ONR officer came and visited. We had to give a "good show", as "commanded" by Tony. I didn't know it was an evaluation meeting until the meeting was about to begin. Tony didnt tell us beforehand. I guess he just didnt wanna give us too much pressure. I felt a bit nervous. But thx God that it was finally going okay. (and thx for ur prayer too!)
Weekend is coming but I dun feel like I can hang out this week. :) I guess I'd probably spend most of my time working on the projects.

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