Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I've been working very hard these days. I really wanna accomplish some of the projects before the summer. On the other hand, boss suggested me to work on an interesting but harsh project. I decided to give it a try, but it means I'm getting more works to do. I've to get ready for it. But I trust all the way my Lord leads me, and He wont give me more than what I can handle.

Perhaps I didnt get enough sleep these days. Or perhaps there're just too many changes happened. I was always in a blue mood lately and had a really bad temper. I just feel like confused with everything. I don't know what I am supposed to do, where I will be going and what I will be doing...I dunno what's happening to me!? Where's my faith? Lord, Pray that you can give me more faith in you.

P.S.: Sze, sorry for throwing the tantrum on you these days. And sorry for my inconsiderate. Thx for tolerating me.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007






53:4 他 誠 然 擔 當 我 們 的 憂 患 、 背 負 我 們 的 痛 苦 . 我 們 卻 以 為 他 受 責 罰 、 被   神 擊 打 苦 待 了 。
53:5 那 知 他 為 我 們 的 過 犯 受 害 、 為 我 們 的 罪 孽 壓 傷 . 因 他 受 的 刑 罰 我 們 得 平 安因 他 受 的 鞭 傷 我 們 得 醫 治 。
53:6 我 們 都 如 羊 走 迷 、 各 人 偏 行 己 路 . 耶 和 華 使 我 們 眾 人 的 罪 孽 都 歸 在 他 身 上 。