Friday, June 27, 2008

My update...

I haven't updated my blogger for quite a while. I have been quite busy last month and didn't have time to do so. It's time to write something again to update a little bit about how I am going on.

After months of hard work, I have already finished my dissertation and passed my PhD's final defense exam. I officially received my Ph.D on June 12. Calvin, Eva, Tsang Uncle and Tsang Auntie came to my hooding ceremony. I am so happy they came to share my happiness, especially for Calvin and Eva who flew a long way to L.A. from Hong Kong.

Photos of my hooding ceremony are uploaded here at:

So, while Calvin and Eva were around in L.A., I was traveling with them. We went to many different places, including SF, Yosemitie, Grand Canyon and Vegas. Since the traveling schedule was so tight, Calvin got sick at the end. Luckily, he is okay now.

After the U.S. trip, I went to church retreat. The topic of this year's church retreat is "Walk with the Lord". I really got some new understanding of God's word. Praise the Lord.
(to be continue...)