Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas gift

Thanks Sandra for the Christmas gift - knit scarf. It is so pretty and I am loving it!

Sandra Knit Scarf - Christmas gift of 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pre-Christmas trip at Mount Washington

In the past 2 days, Sandra and I went to the White Mountain in New Hampshire. I always wanted to have a white winter vacation. Now I am living in Boston with so many pretty snow mountains nearby. It's just perfect for me to fulfill my dream! We stayed in an old hotel called Omni Mount Washington Resort. The hotel was built in 1902 and is a 5-star hotel. The hotel is beautiful.Though it's old, the hotel has done a great job updating it. The lobby was just fabulous. Very comfortable and inviting. There were many facilities that we could find plenty to do at the hotel itself. I really loved sitting in the lobby by the fireplace to enjoy a sip of tea. Our hotel room was spacious and comfortable (although the heat was quite noisy!) The view outside the windows was so nice. I think if I could afford the time, I would have sit beside the windows to relax for a whole day! We arrived at the hotel at about 12pm. After checking in, we rushed to the outdoor pool. Yes. We were swimming outdoor! The pool temperature was adjusted to 85F, so it's warm enough to swim in whatever weather. It was such an amazing experience to swim in a pool surrounded by snow mountains. And it was also my very first time to swim in the snowfall! Out next activity was, of course, to walk around and take pictures. The mountain view was gorgeous! You could simply shoot a photo from whatever angle and the photo MUST be pretty (I guarantee it!). We also made our first snowman. It was difficult! I really had no idea how people could manage to make a big one! Sandra and I tried a long time just to make a very very small one! In the evening, we just relaxed ourselves in the hotel lobby. There was a handbell Christmas music performance that night. It's my first time listening to handbell ringers performance. It was great. We also used the jacuzzi in the hotel. It's really comfortable. But I just couldn't use it for too long. I felt dizzy after using it for 20 mins (due to my high blood pressure, maybe?).
The next day, we just took a scenic drive around the White Mountain, since we were really not quite in the mood for skiing. It was a great drive! So many beautiful scene, but the driving experience was petrifying as well! Overall the trip was wonderful. We thank Miss Car for riding us to such a beautiful location. We love her! We also thank our Lord for giving us such a wonderful chance to relax. Thank Him for giving us a safe trip too!

Omni Mount Washington Resort

An outdoor pool surrounded by the snow mountain!

The view outside our hotel room - So Christmas!

Sandra enjoyed her hot cocoa so much, as you can tell..hehe!
Let's take a pic together!
So comfortable
 A pastry house decoration
I was also enjoying myself in the hotel

She took so many photos!
 Mr and Mrs Lui take 1

 Mr and Mrs Lui take 2
Handbell Ringer Christmas music performance

The other side of the hotel - also gorgeous!
A partially frozen river 

Playground in the snow

She's over excited!

And me too!

Our first snowman

Bear Bear and us

The view is awesome

A ski trial in Lincoln, NH

A crystal-like ice - we saw that during our scenic drive

We'd like to express our deepest gratitude to Miss Car. Without her, our trip was impossible!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

First big snow!

Blizzard crawled into Boston area today. It's the first record-level snow fall this winter, leaving at least 8 inches of accumulation. It's always happy to see the snow. It's really charming to see everything in white. Everything suddenly looked so clean. Well. I wasn't as excited as last year when I saw the first snow fall in my life. Maybe the reason is I am having a car this year. A heavy snow storm means I gotta do extra work for my dearest Miss Car - shoveling the snow accumulated on it. Yet, it's a cool experience. Today was also the first time I drove in the heavy snow. It's thrilling but really fun! Stupid enough, we drove a long way to Southie today just to find that church meeting has been canceled. We should have checked it with bro/sis before we left home.

Searching my dearest Miss Car.

There we go!

People are also shoveling the snow.

Sandra's shoveling. Add oil!!

Half way done!

Ready to go!

Pretty New England houses in white!

  I like these withered trees in the snow. So winter!

Christmas decoration on Highland Ave: a snowman in the snow!

 Somewhere in Somerville: a handsome Santa Claus on the motor bike!

Mickey is also enjoying the snow!