Sunday, December 20, 2009

First big snow!

Blizzard crawled into Boston area today. It's the first record-level snow fall this winter, leaving at least 8 inches of accumulation. It's always happy to see the snow. It's really charming to see everything in white. Everything suddenly looked so clean. Well. I wasn't as excited as last year when I saw the first snow fall in my life. Maybe the reason is I am having a car this year. A heavy snow storm means I gotta do extra work for my dearest Miss Car - shoveling the snow accumulated on it. Yet, it's a cool experience. Today was also the first time I drove in the heavy snow. It's thrilling but really fun! Stupid enough, we drove a long way to Southie today just to find that church meeting has been canceled. We should have checked it with bro/sis before we left home.

Searching my dearest Miss Car.

There we go!

People are also shoveling the snow.

Sandra's shoveling. Add oil!!

Half way done!

Ready to go!

Pretty New England houses in white!

  I like these withered trees in the snow. So winter!

Christmas decoration on Highland Ave: a snowman in the snow!

 Somewhere in Somerville: a handsome Santa Claus on the motor bike!

Mickey is also enjoying the snow!


Anthea said...

Nice pictures! I like the ones with the snow on the trees....

Ronald's Journal said...

Thanks. Sandra and I like this picture as well. It's so "winter" feel.