Saturday, September 06, 2008

Life in Boston...

Wow! It has already been two months since I've last updated my blog. So many things have happened recently and there were three important changes in my life. Tho' it may be hard, I am going to write about each of them.

The first important change was the change of my marital status. On July 23, Sandra and I did our marriage registration in L.A. and got married. On Sunday July 27th, we had our testimony in front of brothers and sisters to testify God's blessing to our marriage. Thanks Kite Ma and Kite Yea for organizing all these for us. So now, I have officially switched from 'single' to 'married'. That said, I have stepped into a new stage of life. For this, I am so thankful to God. It's really the happiest thing in my life that I could be united with Sandra and to live with her for the rest of my life. Of course, we are also facing lots of challenges to build up a new family. But I am sure that with God's grace and mercy, we can deal with all the challenges. We are not walking alone!

On July 27th evening, Sandra and I took the red eye flight to Boston. That's my second new change -- change of residence. I am not a Californian anymore! I miss L.A. a lot. I miss my church, my brothers and sisters, my friends... But I know going to Boston is what God has prepared for me. I am eager to go and walk with Him. Of course, settling down in a new environment takes time. We rented a car from Budget at the airport. We drove to our new home, got the keys and unloaded our lugguages early in the morning. We then had to drove around to buy the furnitures and neccessities. It was a tiring day for both of us!

On July 29th, I met Prof. Yau to discuss our research topic. We had lunch together. Switching from a student to a postdoc is the third important change. The very first thing to do was to look for suitable research projects. Thanks God. We have finally decided on several research projects to work on in collaboration with Tony. Everything went through quite smoothly. I can see how the Lord has helped me.

Finding a new church is another big challenge for me. We went to few churches and finally we found a church to settle down. Thanks the Lord for preparing us with brothers and sisters. I can see that I am really not walking alone in Boston. He is with me always.

Everything is going fine. I got more and more used to the new environment. I met many new friends here. I hope I will like Boston more and more...