Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Miss you all!

Today when I was taking a break from work, I looked at my photo album. I saw photos that I took with my brother, and this reminds me lots of good restrospect to our childhood.
HAHA~ It's fun to retrospect..I remember the time when we shared a cone of ice-cream together. I remember the time when we woke up secretly at 12am to watch the TV. I remember the time when we played crazily at the playground. I remember the time when we're blamed by mum and dad together.
And of course, HEHE~ I WONT FORGET the time when we fighted with each others, because of some small thingies that I dun even remember...But more importantly, I will never forget the time when I was so unhappy that you came to me and supported me...
Um..Time flies and you are getting married soon (though to me, you still look like a small child..HEHE~). But truly, I m so happy with that. And I wish you and Eva a happy marriage.
Ai..suddenly, I miss my family so much. They are so important to me. If you asked me few years ago what the most important thing in my life is, I'd probably tell you it's my maths and my future career! But as I grow up, these things has become less and less important to me. I realize how important my family is to me. Thx God for giving me such a warm and lovely family.

My brother, Calvin, and I. Do we look alike?

My lovely family: (left to right) My brother, my father, my little auntie, me and my mum.

離家出走: Janice's new song

Janice - 離家出走


豁出去漫遊 不通知親友

那快感少有 那管想去多久
好得你未夠 於這裡悶透

共你去出走 快活而內疚

超出煩惱的禁忌 視世上人不理

想早晚能見你 曾經反叛
也是我運氣 天與地
而老了不再悲 無那份勇氣

沙礫中擁吻 有了你先有
這最淒美質感 縱使有地震
不因我犯禁 誰話你壞人不(感)吸引
明知我做錯過的 總要奉還 但我愛一眼 
讓你我似走(犯)在窮途入教堂進簡 上帝

代價高 仍愛你
曾經荒謬闖盪異地 亦未枉相戀
超出煩惱的禁忌 視世上人不理
想早晚能見你 曾經反叛
也是我運氣 天與地

這樣也許了不起 但有一日君(乏)味 
就讓彼此都熱戀 他們也不忘記 
瘋過後 能放棄回家安樂
過亦有運氣 不顧忌 

人有天總怕死 才注定別離


Ar Sze introduced me a nice and touching song:

曲、詞: Hilton Fan


We always ask where He is, or where His answer to our prayer is. But yeah, as the lyric says: "人實智短,未明白救贖故事本源". If we truly know what the salvation is, we will know: "神以無話,回答眾禱告, 用生命回應世上人萬萬遍。".

Walking in the light!

Last weekend I was not quite happy for that my friend said some 'bad' words to me, that really offended me at that moment. I was frankly a bit angry at that time, though I didnt argue with him.
Very often we may feel frustrated when we love someone but they dun appreciate it. I always do not know how to handle with this kinda situation. Shall we just stop helping/loving others?
I guess..when we said we "love", we have to ask what our initial intention is? Do we intent to get something back when helping the others?

" We love others because God loves us" (1 John 4:11)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

A good lesson to learn.

Today I have learned a good lesson. I didn't think in this way at the begining. I thought it's a bad luck on me and even complained to God about that. But then I realized that there's a deep meaning in it. I know He want to teach me sth. And I did learn the lesson.

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything" (James 1:2-5)

"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him"(James 1:12)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Good News!

Good News Good News! Brother is getting married with Eva in late March. Congratulations! I'll definitely be there in Hong Kong, celebrating with you!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Always There -- Secret Garden

Nice Song..

Always There -- Secret Garden
When I'm less than I should be
And I just can't face the day
When darkness falls around me
And I just can't find my way

When my eyes don't clearly see
And I stumble through it all
You I lean upon, you keep me strong
And you rise me when I fall

You are there when I most need you
You are there so constantly
You come shining through, you always do
You are always there for me

When life brings me to my knees
When my back's against the wall
You are standing there right with me
Just to keep me standing tall
Though a burden I may be
You don't weary, you don't rest
You are reaching out to carry me
And I know I'm heaven-blessed
(Chorus twice)

There when I most need you
There so constantly
You come shining through, you always do
You are always there for me

Thursday, October 12, 2006

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Shopping Street in Denmark

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I'm back to LA

Finally I m back to LA. The trip was just wonderful. But I m so tired after the trip, so tired that I dun feel like to write. So, let me just post some pics. :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Denmark Trip (4)

Finally, I was done with the second presentation. I was a bit scared before going to the podium. I didnt quite feel comfortable to speak in such an auditorium hall. After all, the presentation was okay. Thx Lord for giving me peace and strength.

Now, I can really relax myself. I will take a day off tmr and will travel around the City of Copenhagen. Yeah~

HEHE~ And I'll leave for London very soon. I'm soooooo looking forwards to this trip!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Shark at Tivoli Concert Hall: big shot

Shark at the Tivoli Concert Hall!

Commercial building

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Denmark Trip (3)

8AM, I just woke up. Glad that I got some sleep last night (from 4-8AM). But it's too bad that I couldnt attend the 830AM Special Talk by Thomas.

The talks today were interesting. Most of them are quite related to the probabilistic atlas. It seems like it becomes a very popular topic in medical image analysis. Paul's work on learning-based landmark tracking is quite related to my work. I'll need to check out their work.

I'm done with one of the presentation. It was okay. Thanks God.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Denmark (2)

It's 130PM Denmark time. I'm at the Copenhagen airport now. I couldnt wait to check out Copenhagen.
I took a train to the City Center where my hotel is located. The hotel is not that bad, though I need to share the bathroom with others.
I like Copenhagen a lot. It gives me a very special feeling. Europe's cities really have its own style. I like it!
4PM, I walked to the conference venue -- Tivoli concert hall. It's 20 minutes walking distance. It's not too far, but I just do not like walking on the wet street.
2AM, I cannot fall asleep. Jet Lag..too bad. But I need to force myself to sleep, to get enough rest for tmr's presentation.

Conference venue: Tivoli Concert Hall

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Hotel I m staying in

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How's Copenhagen like?

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I'm here! HiHi Copenhagen!

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Scandinavian Airline: the AirBus

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Path to International boarding gate at Chicago

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UA Airline to Chicago

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Denmark Trip (1)

I'm going to Denmark for the MICCAI 2006 conference...

It's 11am at the airport. I am at Gate 72 of LAX waiting for boarding. I have to wait for 2 hours. I really don't like waiting.I chatted with her on the phone for an hour, but I still need to wait for another hour. I'm so excited for the Europe trip. Thanks God for giving me such a wonderful chanceto visit Copenhagen and London (and of course to meet her up, HEHE!).

It's 8pm at the Chicago airport, where I'll transfer my flight to Copenhagen. I have to wait for another hour. I'm gonna take Scandinavian Airlines. This is my first timetaking this airline. I'll check it out!