Sunday, August 23, 2009

Re-post of our trip to Portland, Maine

On August 15, Sandra and I visited Portland in Maine. We've planned to go there for many times, but were called off for various reasons. We've finally got there this time! Portland is a beautiful place. We enjoyed the adorable scenery and relaxing atmosphere there, tho' it was really hot that day.
(Booklets about Portland)
Getting to Portland, the first thing we did was to get some booklets from the visitor center to learn about Portland. We searched for a while for the visitor center but we couldn't find it. It turned out the visitor center is just a small booth on the street. Portland is famous for the lobster. We could see lots of "lobster" items. One restaurant even used the "lobster" lamps (lovely!). We walked around the downtown Portland under the high temperature. It was really pretty especially for the harbor. But it was too hot and we got all wet. Finally, we've decided to drive around and checked out different lighthouses. Yes. Portland has lots of lighthouses.
(Beautiful harbor with lots of fishing boats. They provide fresh seafood to Portland.)

 (My fair lady..hehe)

 (Portland is famous of lobster. The "lobster lamp" at one restaurant.)
(Climbing the fort)

 (Portland Head Light)
Our first stop was Portland Head Light.  When we got there, we were like "WOW!". It's soooooo pretty!
(Beautiful boat)
We were lucky that it was the "boat festival" that day. So, many boats came over to Portland harbor. Some boats were really pretty. I wish I could have one. HAHA.
 (Interesting plant..what is this fruit it bears? I've no clue!)
(Pretty beach in Portland)
We also went to a nice beach in Portland. Many people were relaxing themselves on the sand to enjoy the sunbath. Sandra and I both said: "I wish I had my swim suit with me!"
(Ppl are modeling different figures with sand. Isnt it marvelous?)
 (Another lighthouse)
(Fair Lady was "running" to the light house. There were lots of wide gaps between the rocks. I was so afraid that she would fall off. Hehe. Suddenly I remembered Psalm 23..)

(A close-up of the lighthouse)
Our last stop was, of course, a seafood restaurant to check out Portland's lobster. We chose J's Oyster - A tiny restaurant but with wonderful food.  The scene next to the restaurant was great too - it is located next to the harbor. We've ordered lobster and long crab leg. It was Sandra's treat, since she has earned her first salary in US. Thank you, my fair lady!
(Our dinner at J's Oyseter. A tiny restaurant but food was great!)
(Scene next to the restaurant.)


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