Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cabot again!

Sandra and I just went to Cabot again. We were sooooo craving for ice-cream tonight. Maybe it's because of the hot weather in Boston lately. When we were seated, we found an old lady sitting next to us. In front of her there's a note saying: "Reserved for Mrs. Cabot". WOW. Yea! The old lady is Mrs. Cabot, whose husband is the founder of Cabot's ice-cream! hehe..we were like seeing a 'superstar'..after all, Cabot is so famous in Boston and our favorite ice-cream place..

(Note in front of the old lady sitting next to us)
We've ordered the famous Belgium Waffle with ice-cream and selected two flavors of ice-cream: Banana and Mint chocolate chip. Sandra liked the Mint Chocolate chip and I loved the Banana flavor. The waffle was so crunchy. I don't think we can make the same waffle at home!
(Our order: Belgium Waffle with ice-cream: Banana and Mint chocolate chip)

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