Sunday, June 07, 2009

Back from Hong Kong

Sandra and I are back from Hong Kong. We've traveled to Hong Kong to change our US visa and visit families. We've had a really wonderful time in Hong Kong. We were nervous about whether we could get the visa due to several risky situations of our case. The only thing we could possibly do was to pray ernestly. Thanks God. The visa application process turned out to be very successful. While we're in HK, we spent lots of time with our families. We decided not to travel too much but stayed more with our parents. We've had a good time and shared a lot with them. I also got the official contract for my new job next year. I have been waiting for it for a while and it's finally come. I am really thankful to our Lord because He has prepared everything for us. There is nothing for us to worry about when we are walking with Him.
On June 3, we took a long flight back to Boston. It was a very tiring journey. We've spent about 26 hours on the flight and waiting at the terminal for boarding. Glad that Sandra was traveling with me that made time passing faster. We found a dusty apartment when getting back home. Thanks Sandra for spending two days cleaning up the house. It's become comfy again!
I confessed that I've done nothing much for my research while I was in HK. I should definitely get back to work seriously. No more laziness! And frankly, I feel a bit stressed with my research work lately. May God give me peace and wisdom.

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