Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Got more things done!

Finally, I could get few hours sleep last night. I feel much better with more rest.

I've already booked the flight ticket. It's so fully booked. I am so glad that I can still get my ticket. The job next year after my graduation is getting more confirmed. Thank you Lord. Still have to discuss it with Tony this weekend to get his advice. I hope everything can be confirmed soon, so that I can concentrate more on my research work.

The next important thing is about the visa application for CCMM. I am not quite sure about those F2, H4 visa stuff. I guess I have to go to the OISS to inquire about it. Someone said I should do the marriage registration earlier. Someone said the other way. I am a bit confused.

Um. But I know You will lead me all the way.

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