Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My long weekend in Hong Kong...

Friday: I got back to Hong Kong at about 11am. Lunch with mum. We watched Harry Potter tonight. The movie was great. Special effect was awesome, especially we were watching in the 4D theater at the airport. Tho' it's a long journey to the airport, it worths!

Saturday: Shopping...Seafood dinner at Cheung Chau. Yummy Yummy!

Sunday: Church-- the message was good. Thanks God! Sandra came to have dinner with dad and mum. Sooooooooo relaxing today!!

Monday: Karaoke!! HK is such a small city. We met Tim at MongKok today! Hot Pot tonight..sooooo full!!

Tuesday: Stay with sandra at her school. She needs to work today. Flight back to Beijing in the evening. Vacation ended! So fast. Too fast!!

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