Wednesday, July 11, 2007

God's grace..

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Thanks God! We saw God's grace on us...

Because of the visa application, we've decided earlier that we should do the marriage registration next month. We wanna get started with the visa application earlier. This seems to be weird to us. But since we didn't know what exactly the problem was, we just sticked with the original plan...

These days I have been really struggling. I didn't know if it's the right thing. Praise the Lord! God is looking after us and He listened to my prayer. Yesterday we were about to go to the registration office to submit documents. But it was at the last moment when God let us know what we're planning to do was wrong. It's weird not because of the procedure. It's 'weird' because we didn't have enough faith in Him. Yeah. It might seem to be more 'difficult' to apply for visa if we do it later. But if it's His will, nothing can be difficult.

Yes. When problem arises, we might try to find our own ways to solve it. Many times we just plan by ourselves and walk apart from the Lord. Shall we follow our own? Or we should better give trust to our Lord and believe that He could handle everything for us? We finally decided to let Him be our Lord, our leader!

Yeah. Praise the Lord. We thank God, because He is taking care of our problems..He is looking after us.

"All the way the savior leads me what am I to ask beside?..."

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