Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boston city walk

Today was the first day of the long weekend. Sandra and I decided to relax a bit and walk around Boston city. Boston is a nice city and has her own style. It is very different from HK or L.A. I love Boston!

Park Street church

Icy Public Garden pond. People are walking on the pond - yes! The pond becomes ice, you can guess how cold it is in Boston now!
Sandra is walking ON the Public Garden pond

Nice experience to walk ON the pond.

A beautiful church building in downtown Boston

500 Bolyston Street building.


Anonymous said...

hey guys, i travel 50 miles to work (stupid yeah… looking for another job…) anyway im just wondering would you recommend me driving all that way at 3.30am? i travel from preston to liverpool airport….i cant seem to find a decent site with readable weather!!!

alan said...

Weather is at the bottom: