Monday, May 12, 2008

Scary Scary...

I was almost signing the contract for the 1B1B apartment. So, I randomly googled to search for more information about the neighborhood. I type the address of the apartment for google search. A scary news popped up: Dead body found at the same address of that apartment I was going to rent. It's just so scary and I didn't feel comfortable to rent it at all. I am concerned about the safety of the neighborhood, although several people told me the neighborhood of winter hill is safe.

Thanks God. Very quickly, we have found another apartment which is on Highland Ave. It is only 0.6 miles away from where I am going to work. It'd be about <10 minutes walking distance. The apartment looks good. To check for the safety around the neighborhood, I've called different places on that street to inquire, such as a Thai restaurant, community organization, YMCA and even a high school on that street. They all gave positive comments. So, we decided to take this one. Today, I've sent every documents, had my credit checked by the broker, signed the lease and also mailed the rent. The housing issue in Boston is settled..Yeah!! We have a place to stay in Boston now!

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