Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finally I m back..

After 15 hours of flight, I am finally back to Hong Kong. It wasn't too tired because I got lots of sleep on the flight. And what a coincidence that Teresa was on the same flight sitting next to me!

I took E21 bus back home. It's a long journey and took me an hour to get back home. Something terrifying happened: When the bus was almost arriving at my home, black smoke came out from the back tire. Everyone was so scared and got off the bus at once. Luckily, it was just one stop before my final destination. So, I've just walked back home with my luggage.

It's so good to see my family again. In the morning, I went to 'drink tea' with my mum, my brother and my sister-in-law. After that, we went to visit the graves of my grandmothers and grandfather. And I got a chance to sit on my brother's new car (Honda). It's a really nice car!

In the afternoon, I did lots of things. I went to Cheung Chau to meet Sandra. We then went to Ferti in MongKok to shop for our wedding rings. We bought a really nice pair of rings! We like it a lot. In the evening, we went to have the wedding clothes fitting. It's so tired to do the fitting. It took us about two hours to finish the fitting. We have had a late dinner at 9PM. We got Sushi tonight. Yummy Yummy!

Soooooooooo tired today. I am about to get a good sleep!

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