Saturday, October 27, 2007

I've been *trying to work hard on my research work these days, though it was progressing really slow. I know there are deadlines for them, but that couldn't quite push me to work hard. I really have to get with it. I have to finish them before I head back to Hong Kong in December.

It's always not easy to make a decision, especially if the wrong decision might affect you quite a bit. As Sze said, I guess I should better hang tough on the decision what I have made. I know there's a reason why He put us to a totally new place to start our new stage of life. And I should have trust in Him that His way is always the best.

I've been researching on the green card application recently. After consulting with the lawyers, they think I could have a better chance to apply it through NIW. The whole process is so complicated. Life will be much easier if we have a GC. But is that something we should really do? I guess we should pray hard for the answer.

Congratulations, Magnus. He finally announced it! So many people are getting married in 2008. Now, there're already 3 couples. Anymore? haha!

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